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About Us

Advance Distributors Inc. was among the first wholesale distributors of general merchandise in all of Chicagoland. Starting out in 1974, Advance was an instant leader in distributing general merchandise, household products, and health & beauty aids throughout the country. The excellent customers have grown Advance Distributors into a multimillion-dollar business tied with numerous industry acclaimed buyers and manufacturers. In fact, notable manufacturers including Fruit of the Loom and Jean Philippe Fragrances recognized Advance for its consistently outstanding sales figures. With returning clients and high sales volume, Advance has been able to purchase large quantities of thousands of different items, ultimately leading to a large selection at outstandingly low prices.

Our 6,000 square foot showroom is open to all who wish to come in and speak with a sales representative in person. The Advance sales team is prepared to work with any size business ranging from megastores to newsstands. Additionally, Advance is an excellent starting point for new businesses. The highly experienced sales representatives will not only provide new business owners with competitive prices, but they will help the owners decide on which of our 3,000+ products will be best for their shelves.

The loyal customers and business owners have had a great hand in raising this company from the ground up. Now, Advance would like to take this opportunity to say thank you by offering a more convenient, and cheaper method of shopping. The newly introduced Advance Distributors Inc. website will offer this along with many perks including daily specials, express checkout, and increased communication between buyers and sellers.

Thank you for 49 years of excellent business!